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Before Do Right By, I always tried to set my clients in a positive light and to highlight benefits in a creative manner. However, I do believe that the entity that strives for universal positivity, rather than limiting their sense to their own institution, will be at once, efficient, good willed, and enduring. Fortunately, the products and services that operate with this perspective, and the markets that they appeal to, are both growing rapidly.

The information age is the saturation age. Today you can find an artistic metaphor to represent any perspective and a cliche to justify any action. In reaction to this overexposure, our culture has endured a plunge into cynicism and the relevancy of any disagreeable position is denied without consideration. Communications that appeal to the masses crack jokes and foster fear.

Stressing concepts of self-identity, decision, change, and manifestation, we are the guides in the the pursuit of happiness. At Do Right By, we want to contribute to a shifting paradigm that values knowledge, humanity, and trust above all.